Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long time, no write...Enjoying the Mid Winter Sunshine!

Well, its amazing how quick time goes - I havent blogged in ages, alot has happened, and it is the last week of school holidays already! (two week break)
Im 23 weeks pregnant, over half way, and it hasnt been the easiest pregnancy at all, but our wee lad is hanging in there - so far, so good. So now Im home and getting organized to get back into the swing of term-time.

Getting ready for baby, and wanting to be eco-friendly of sorts, I have been knitting furiously for the past month ( sometimes literally, Im not good at following a pattern and the air is blue!) Ive made two shawls, crochetted a blanket, small hats, mitts, booties ... and some tiny soakers or overnaps. I made my own pattern for these, they do up with four buttons, not velcro, and Im rapt that I designed it myself and it actually turned out!! Im going to do the next size up this week, fingers xed!
Im loving the dishcloth/facecloth knits too, making the best of the ends of my balls of cotton... There are some very clever and caring people out there, Yay! for free patterns on places like Ravelry - and cheap and innovative patterns in .pdf form on places like Etsy. I discovered these places, and its a knitting/crochetting/crafters paradise!

The weather has been beautiful, usually at this time of year its wet and cold, but we have had such nice sunny days and its really nice for walks. We went for a drive out to Lyttleton, through the Earth tunnel yesterday, the wee kids thought it was marvellous! B has decided (hes 9) he loves tunnels :)

My next few knitting projects include making Miss nearly-3 some long pants for playing outside in, so she is warm. Also, some armwarmers for a friend who feels the cold, and a beanie for a couple of the men in my life ... Mr nearly-13 wants one and my Farmer could do with one too.
Im working at de-stashing my boxes of wool... Ive got a looong way to go.

Well thats about my lot for now, Im going to post some photos of my knitting when I can find the camera ...
Take care and Keep Warm!
Bye for now...

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