Wednesday, September 23, 2009

... The Hardest thing sometimes, is to Just Let Go...

I havent written in a while - in truth I lost my blog, lots of computer troubles, despite other things...
Lots of those Real Life Things have happened, and Ive been a bit outta sorts.
Im so fortunate to have the support and love of a good man who has been there and helped me through, and together we make a kick ass kind of team (I think so anyways!) Bless him!

On Sept 4 we lost our son of 30 weeks gestation - Nevan Daniel - its made September a pretty ghastly month, but we are getting there... very slowly.

Im so grateful for so many things though, some of which I have managed to get out and enjoy as it is starting to fine up weatherwise, and we LOVE walking along the River at this time of the year. We are truly blessed with the beauty of Nature at her finest. The gardens around this area are overflowing with colour and scattered with lots to see... we have DUCKLINGS at last on the River... Swans, geese, shags, whitebait fishermen in abundance too *grin* It wont be long and the monarch butterflies will be out in force too!

I cant write much else, so Im going hunt through and post some photos...
Im here, trying just to Let It All Go... with the flow.

Thanks for *listening* :)

Have a fantastic week!

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