Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dog-gone? No, hes here to stay!

We have, out on the farm, some dogs.
Yes, some dogs - FIVE in total...  Theyre purebred blue heelers, and the parents, Pal and Eve, are both accomplished working dogs. Spring wouldnt be complete without some new life (and daffodils!), and we certainly have our share on the farm  - Eve had 3 puppies in her last litter, about three months ago, and the puppies keep the place in a noisy uproar! Life is never dull with a puppy or 3 around!

Our nine year old son has always wanted *his own* puppy and once our extensions are finished, we will all be out on the property with  wide open spaces, so Daddy decided son needed his own dog.
Enter 2 yr old Memphis - or Toffee, as he  now answers to. He is two years old and is a purebred Golden Labrador with a beautiful brown nose, and a very inquisitive one it is too!! He is so loveable, a ratbag, but loveable...he has conquered my heart I think, or he recognizes me as the soft touch... easy pickings!

<---- Isnt he HANDSOME?
He never did like the name Memphis, neither did we, it was particularly difficult to call him, however... what a hard-case dog!

Blaise first met his dog on Wednesday - oh heck, that was just yesterday, it seems like such a long time ago, but I digress...

The meeting went well, and apart from the occasional errr humping of the leg, (anyones, any time... grr!) Toffee and Blaise are best of mates. (SEE BELOW)

Not even Miss 3 who is historically a bit wary of dogs, was put off by Toffees enthusiasm.

We are thrilled they all get on so well, and look forward to being a SIX dog family. Oh, thats just til the puppies are old enough to start training to be stock dogs, and to rehome... but SIX? Thats crazy!!

Thank goodness we are Animal People.

<------- The Blanket Chewer!
(BELOW) Yes, even the dolly got a lick!
Hmm, Partners in Crime (BELOW)

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