Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life on the Avon River... Christchurch, New Zealand - Spring!

Our first sighting of Ducklings!

<--- One of the larger Swans, so inquistive but rather haughty!
They are so elegant on the water, and rather clumsy on land...

Miss three is quite keen to sit on the edge and watch the ducklings... The tide brings the water line up quite high at this time of the year, and the white-bait fishermen are dotted along the rivers edge. Here is Arlais sitting watching the first clutch of ducklings we have seen - six in total. She is fascinated because they are not scared of her at all, and the mother is teaching them how to catch food, she welcomed a few crumbs from Arlais' scone! ----->

Beautiful waxy Camellia flower - one of the very tender flowers, such a shame that they dont last long, and bruise so easily...

<--- An olde-worlde favourite, Wisteria vine.
It grows beautifully at the top of a neighbours fence.
I love
purple, but this is purple at Natures utmost best!

The Maori word for YELLOW is Kowhai (Ko-fy) ----> What a beautiful specimen! The native birds love the flowers, and it has showy seed pods most of the year long. They incase hard yellow seeds that at their best need scarification before use... Very pretty and well worth the preparation!

Morning Tea with our Feathered Friends... Ungainly on land, beautiful and elegant gliders on the waters surface... They are much taller than they look once on the riverbank! Quite intimidating when they stretch to their full height :) I wouldnt steal their bread, would you?

<--- A gorgeous Green blossom from an Elm tree.
Just lovely. The tortured roots and branches belie the fact that this old gnarled tree has in store such beautiful GREEN blossoms. Extraordinary - again, Nature is so full of surprises...

Thats it from the Avon River til next time...
Thanks for Looking ...

Thats E for Earth :-)

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