Sunday, October 25, 2009

Springing along...

Not alot to report, we got through the school holidays happily. The kids are now back at school and Im in spring cleaning mode.
The cats are glad the wet days are almost over, and Occarina has found a new hiding place, away from Toffee the dog, should he arrive... She lies on the roof, she almost looks as if she could fall off if she stretches too far!

The Purr-fect Friend

I'm big and huggable, just like a teddy bear
I'm so happy I got adopted and put in their care

Before my new home, I lived on the cold streets
I really love this place, I even get treats!

No one wanted me before, since I'm a senior, you see
Yet I purr like a kitten and can still climb a tree

Please consider a pet that is older in years
We give lots of love and take away all the tears

By Lauri Richmond

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