Sunday, October 25, 2009

Choosing to Grow Your Own...

The boys and I are going to start some seedlings this week. We all enjoy doing these things, and it makes sense when there are so many of us, to grow our own salad greens and veggies.
Last year I saved seed from almost anything I could find, and that will pay off - I have a big seed bank, Im quite excited about watching things grow from seed.
It can be  expensive to find pots for everything, but we have a great tip -  stock up your plastic pie containers for seedlings. It is a great way of potting things til they are big enough to plant out... They are usually only good for one use, but the plastic is recyclable.

 I have my cyclamens in a pie container on the windowsill in our bathroom and they are doing great.

Who would have thought eating meat pies would pay such attractive dividends??

Another great way of keeping your salad greens handy is this...
Plant them in a bath!  It is excellent on our farm, it keeps the rabbits (mostly) at bay, and its easy on the back for weeding! Also, if you have herb gardens, you can plant your culinary herbs in one, your medicinal in another... Brilliaaaaant!!! (Baz has such wonderful ideas!)

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