Saturday, November 20, 2010

Softly Whispering...

Another Sunday and it dawns on me that its nearly Year Over again! Roll on 2011!
Hearth & Home
It has occurred to me today that while I sit here, enjoying the quiet, that maybe the children are almost empty - tired and expectant, ready for school holidays. It isnt often that I am allowed a few minutes to gather my head before they appear on a weekend day morning... And the sun is gorgeous already, the sky the most beautiful blue, dotted with fluffy billowy clouds that are moving away quickly, as if the wind is chasing them across the sky...

Christmas Tree
The Christmas carols have been on the radio for weeks already which fuels the childrens impatience for Santa, and the expectation of presents & celebration, the stores are the same with their early exhibitions of Christmas trees and decorations for sale - every colour, every size and shape...
It used to be when I was little (not THAT long ago, surely?) that Christmas was just in December, but now - and especially this year, it seems we are dragging out the festive season for two extra months. Who can keep up?

Not me.
I have just pulled out the first Christmas CD and dusted it off. You find yourself tapping fingers and merrily humming to the tunes, singing outloud, (looks of amusement from said children!)
The children are practising anyways, for end of year carol services etc.
Old familiar music - how the tunes bring the bittersweet memories, the lyrics, the Christmases of long past, and childhood memories both good and bad, are all stirred up by Christmas carols.

Late night carol services, midnight mass, hushed secrets, presents that bought happy tears or thrills, excitement, smells of custard and brandy pudding, the richness of spicy fruit, or apricot sauce to thickly coat the ham. The family holidays, the swapping of gifts, the recieving, the giving.. Oh you get it... It is all so good, so good... sometimes so sad, but usually it is good!

Well its  too much to wade thru this weekend.
Maybe its me, Im winding down at the end of our Difficult Year, I feel the melancholy - the depth of emotion from the memories of people who wont be here with us this year.
I feel each and every one of them, and remember them all within my heart.
Historically, this is never an easy time of year for me, its just how I am. 

I ll buck up though, the children and I plan on getting the house ready for our Christmas tree, so the heavy heart wont last long. Soon it will brim to overflowing, full of the soft whispers...
The baking, the smells, the scents of Christmas, the shiny bows, the crispness of the paper, the various renditions of favourite carols, the stories of Christmas past... yes, the sadness will subside, and build with anticipations, fascinations, the sheer delights of Christmas Spirit.
It is in the giving - some small part, about the recieving maybe but honestly... its ALL about giving.
The joys of being a parent hover over the word FANTASTIC when you see the joy children get from such small things at this time of year.

Just for now though, I would like to hear soft whisperings...
The old year simmering, waits to fade into end. The new year, full of hope waits, like a shiny box with unknown secrets inside.
For now, I ll remember the ones I can no longer hold, no longer enjoy simple pleasures with. Memories are wonderful, painful things.

English Congregation - 1972

Softly, whispering I love you,
echoes of your voice are calling still through my dreams,
softening the chill of the breeze.

Through my window,
I can see the moonglow
painting silver shadows on a rose-colored land;

A world that we walk hand in hand
in a day of gold
colored by the glow of new love.

I can feel your warm face ever close to my lips
and the scent of you invades the cool evening air.
I can close my eyes and you´re there in my arms still
and I know your soft kiss,
turning into music every beat of my heart,

When I hold you close to my heart
and I hear your voice
whispering I love you.

In my heart,
with all my 
Thanks & Love
Sat 20 Nov 2010 

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Love and Seasons Blessings

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