Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good Stuff...

Gee, the Good Stuff has Begun..It is DECEMBER finally! (or the Crazy Season as some refer to it!)
Im running around like everyone else no doubt, getting *Organized* (dislike that word, so foreign to me!), knitting furiously - which I enjoy, designing some new outfits for the girls baby dollies - the surplus of which is getting sold online... After waiting almost half an hour to post parcels (serves me right for waiting til the weekend along with everyone who cant get there midweek!) we invested in a sprinkler for the garden *yeah right!* - The children claimed it, and I swear, its the best $10 Ive ever parted with, they LOVE it.
I love seeing them having so much fun, gotta say, the shrieks are tremendous. Nothing like it, happy squeals! Still no camera, but I ll get some pics when I can...

HAPPY 60th Birthday my Darling 
Mr Earth Butterfly

I dont tell you often enough how dear you are to me.
Without you I would be just the empty candy shell of the M&M - you are my Chocolate centre.
You know how much chocolate means to me, so *grin* you'll *get* that.
Im sorry I cant buy you jewels or offer you riches,
just smiles, cuddles and all my love.
 Love you - in so many ways, for so many reasons!
We love you ... xxxxxxx

After a little Nana nap this afternoon, I wrote this to my beloved Mr EB
 *.....I bought an old knitting pattern for dolls clothes last week

its just arrived (in the post). As expected, its an excerpt from an old magazine...
but its really cool. It also tells you about the doll that is used as a model in the pattern -, very very cool! From July 1958 --- complete with advertisements, and old stories. Very cool :)
Life was simpler then ? LOL
Just got up, got a sore throat which is annoying (seeing as though its Summer, and its almost Christmas!).
Just wondering if Im actually in for a cold, or the stark truth of it is.... I was snoring??????

Im really looking forward to knitting this pattern, let me see, here tis
Excerpt from Womans Weekly, July 26 1958
Last night we ate our first fill of Home-grown goodness! We planted some Silverbeet - *Bright Lights* which has coloured stems of orange, white, red and yellow. It has had six weeks in, and already it is substantial enough to pick a couple of leaves from each plant. I remember Silverbeet as being cold and soggy after having had the goodness boiled from it, but Im wondering now, if it tastes better when youve nutured it yourself?
The children ate it, without a fuss - most impressed, as I remember balking... green was never my favourite colour!

Our beanstalks are growing nice and curly and tall, the oak trees are tall and straight, and the other greens like our buttercrunch lettuce arent far from being ready to be used too. We have parsley plants that look like theyre growing nice and healthy, and tomatoes that have flowers on them, and are standing up nicely... despite being constantly untangled from the beans... Yes, we have a menagerie in our garden, but theyre doing ok!

How I love seeing what has grown from one day to the next, the children too, which is cool. I cant remember being interested much as a child, - I guess that is what happens when Mum and Dad own a Grocery store. Everything comes in a box, bag or crate...

Other things... not alot to report, the roses are beautiful, the scent of the numerous Elderberry blossoms springing up is gorgeous, especially at night after dark when Ive forgotten to water the garden in the daylight... it is my favourite time of night - kids in bed, quietly, quietly I creep out to my Garden with hose in hand ... Oh and not to forget the new Sprinkler (Sprindar Miss 4 calls it)... Even the cats bear with me at this time of night, they chase each other and watch nervously for the hose :) I can see the Southern Cross in the sky from my house at any time of night - beautiful. It makes me wish I were out on a spread far away from anyone, lying on my green paddocks, looking up at the night sky... one day, I promise!

Lots of thoughts on where to put the Christmas tree, so thats our next mission - decoration and location unknown at this stage, but I love how their minds work... it will have lots of lights, colour, tinsel, tinsel, tinsel oh and a star!

Our new favourite to add to pikelets, Hagel Slag - aka Chocolate Hail

Yum! Hot Hagel Slag Pikelets for a Hungry Tribe.
And that is it for this post. Back to the reality of What Must Be Done.
Wet soggy togs, dishes and floors to sweep... so I can creep out later to my favourite place - The Garden!

Blessings to all,
Til Next Time, Be good! 
Oh and if you cant Be Good -- Be Careful! 

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