Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Hail! The Lazy Sunday...

Been thinking about blogging for a while, but still finding it hard not having a camera, so I have to depend on my writing skills which are seriously lacking, as youll see if you get past this first paragraph :)
I write as I think, it all just comes to the fore at this time of the year... So there, youll be glad when I replace my camera... Less talk, more photos!. I miss it more than my right hand I think (leftie here!)...
So here I am, its Sunday.

I live in suburban Christchurch, it is hot baby! ITS HOT! and its RAINING :-) So it is humid, and boy it saps the strength from your very marrow of your bones (Ok, bit dramatic maybe, but Im a Cancer, prone to exaggeration maybe?)
Life is cool though. It is Sunday, Im sitting here on the couch, radio cheering me on with easy listening stuff dotted with all the old favourites and carols you can sing along to. It so helps me get through the chores, the dishes are done, the washing is on, and oh boy - its SUNDAY!
I dont usually move far on a Sunday. Mr EB is always out on the farm on a Sunday so I dont see him in daylight hours, and I miss him to talk to, more now than ever before actually (aww... sniff!) The kids are just out of school etc, and so theyre either in bed, on bed, or watching some kind of screen given its raining, although as the youngest lad states He wont Melt, and every now and again he and Max Steel (action figure) pop out the door and are back in around 30 minutes, lightly feathered with big warm wet drops.
Missy is glued to TV. I dont think she has ever been so quiet - Ive had to check on her constantly - you know how scary it is when your kids go quiet --- but no, shes doing great.
Thank god for TV and Christmas Movies. Remember the 80s and The Gremlins? Well, thats playing today, a really good Sunday movie for the children to watch, harmless enough tho a bit scary in some places maybe if youre a little sensitive to small furry animals. That one is then followed by The Gremlins II - so here I am, sneakily secreted away with my keyboard, my coke and the hot pikelets dripping with butter and jam, watching the movie I remember scaring the daylights out of me when I was a little tacker (was I ever a little tacker?) and sniggering at all the really funny parts (are there funny parts??? hmm.)

Mr EB and I went and did the Proud Parents thing last week at the school break up when our lad finished Primary - on he goes to Intermediate next year.
We have managed to do a large part of the Christmas shopping already, we both dislike crowds and detest this time of year, both of us saying this weekend - Oh God, its only a week til Christmas... like it sneaks up out of nowhere... and lets face it, when you have this link thrust upon you every morning, you SHOULD know when Christmas is... CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN

So there we be.
It is Sunday, and what a nice one... I love that noone pushes to get things done, dishes wait, meals are easy, noone pressures anyone to go anywhere they dont want to...
Oh Hail, the Lazy Sunday!
And while we are at it - Ive added something to my Christmas List (we dont as a rule, buy for Adults, but this isnt Store Bought)
Santa, if you can, please may I have a Lazy Christmas, just like our Lazy Sundays... 
but most of all, Can you make sure all the people I love can be safe and happy... always.
Id be most obliged! 
Signing off
Be Happy!
Earth Butterfly

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