Saturday, February 19, 2011

Camera-licious Weekend!!

Im baaa-aack!!
Complete with camera and lots of photos... Who'd have thought I could take so many photos in two days... My poor hard drive is groaning. Time for saving to disc (Can hear Mr EB nodding, he said this yesterday) ...
Heres my new baby here

And its awesome...Simple, inexpensive by most standards, but PERFECT for me and my need to blog, to photograph, document... AWESOME - it makes me sooooo happy! (I think you get it!)
Its SUNDAY again. 
This week was crazy. Lots of the positives, but more so some negatives.
NZ suffered the loss of another young soldier serving overseas in Afghanistan.
My heart goes out to his family and friends, he will be sorely missed, heaven just gained another good 'un!
Petrol hit the $2.02 per litre mark this week, which cripples those of us who have tight budgets and need to travel for work or to see family. That seriously puts things into perspective...
We barely use the car, being fortunate to have all things we need within reach or a good walk, but there are Family who come in from the farm, and it is $50 a round trip approx.
Missing the visits, the coffee, the chats and the cuddles terribly!
And I doubt the prices will ever lower, it just doesnt work that way.

Also, Milk prices are horrendous here in New Zealand.
We are a country who, because of our beef and dairy exports should be able to reduce these prices, making milk affordable for families. It is so sad that a two litre of coke is currently HALF the price of a two litre of milk. Sad for our children and their health...Greedy Milk People!! And the prices of basics like butter and cheese should follow.... Then Id work on flour prices, then rice... and sugar... sigh...all the basics.
Vote Earth Butterfly for Government! Ha! just kidding about the votes, Id run a mile...

The Garden is BLOOMING! 

Tomatoes everywhere... 
Bowl of Tomato Goodness! 

Non-Acid pear shaped heirloom 
This is our first of the season - a pear shaped beauty!
We have quite a number on the plant, and theyre all in different shades of orangey red as they ripen... Loving it! Theyre sweet and firm to taste. Going to be saving some of the seeds for next year too!

Uncle N has been growing toms too, and this is another heirloom. (Black Kirrin I think!) 

Beans Growing up to the Sky! 

Weve eaten our way through the lettuce patch, still more to go.
 But theres some gorgeous colour still in the garden.

Ive started some geranium plants off. I love the vivid colour and distinctive smell. The basil plant seedlings have taken off, and I have so many basil plants, I think Im going to have to sell them/barter them.  We have some more BRIGHT LIGHTS silverbeet coming along (coloured chard) and there are borlotti beans growing nicely... Pumpkins are trailing slowly but steadily... Thyme plant is bushy - very healthy! We have lemon balm, echinacea and bergamot. 
The Garden is full of promise...Lots of Growing still to do,
The biggest ones of these is fist-sized! 

Loving it!! 
The bees are busy, the flowers nod wisely in the sultry seasonal breezes. 
Life is good here at the Lazy A. 
Giant Marigolds that have grown up to my waist.

Our Soldier Cat, Zandy
 Well, thats this post... on to the next one... and the next one...
And all the next ones thereafter!

Long live The Garden
and all who muse, whilst pulling weeds within Her.

Love from My Hearth to Yours! 

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