Sunday, February 13, 2011

Smell that? ... Baking with a touch of rain...

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Of course you cant smell it from where you are, but if you were lazing on my sofa, you would smell it...
Baking - its Sunday night and school lunches are on The List. Tick! Theyve come out better than expected and smell heavenly - Banana and Ginger Muffins.
Outside tonight, it is humid. Quite warm, and yet big, sloppy drops of gorgeously scented rain. I can smell that earthy Rain Smell, which makes my nose twitch.
I love wet warm rain!
It hasnt quite decided whether it will rain totally yet, so for now it is indecisive, hot wet sloppy rain hehe.
I spent my day doing housework of all things.
Monday is usually clean-up day, when everyone else has gone their separate ways... school, farm, outside. But today I decluttered some small spaces and made a bag to give away, a bag to throw out, and a bag to sell. So far, so good. Tick!

Uniforms inside, washed, dried and folded... Tick! Oh and PE Gear...Tick! At the rate Im going, Im going to out-do myself... Tick!
Dear Daughter, Miss 4, has been (nagging) asking for me to make her a new dress. A Fairy Dress - it has to twirl big Mummy, and pink. It has to be PINK!
Im not sure my hand sewing can cope, and my sewing machine is somewhere in the Great Abyss that is My Garage... in amongst the Box City. We shall see. I might go and look at fabric this week... Tick?

Another smell that I love, is coffee. I know Im not alone in this... the smell is almost as good as the taste, and very comforting and warm.
Id like to say Im a Green Tea drinker, but no. I have green tea waiting in its box in the cupboard.
The thought of drinking it makes me wince.
Im worried it might taste like grass. Its really good for me, and I know that... but Green Lawn Clippings in a Cup? Err. No thanks!

Our first tomato is being picked when the rain stops. Mr 10.5 says it needs a couple more days. By Wednesday he will pick it... Very proud Gardener there.
It is an non-acid variety, theyre kind of cute, dark orange and all curvy and pearshaped. Im sure my garden is running behind - our friends across town are harvesting already, about a month ahead, and we planted at the same times. Good things take time obviously. But our beans are bigger (grown up attitude eh!?)

Love to My Valentine
 Hope everyone enjoys Valentines Day tomorrow.
Being aware of each other and having lived with Cancer for quite some time, we celebrate The Good Things here mostly, but its always good to make use of a special day to celebrate with the ones you love! 
Oh and then theres hopefully chocolate in the offing :-)
See, my heart isnt as pure as it should be when theres chocolate!

Love and Big Hugs,
Now the rain has stopped, the muffins have cooled...
Its That Time again... Roll on Monday - Tick!

G' Night

E Butterfly

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