Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Back into The Normal Things...

A message board post tonight on the Trademe Christchurch Quake Board has tips for Getting Back Into Everyday Life... Makes for good sense!

Its normal to feel scared and nervous about everyday things after an earthquake, but gradually returning to old places and activities is important

10 small steps that can help

1. Pick one place or activity you want to go back to

2. Break down the job of getting back into small steps

3. Take one step at a time and be patient with yourself

4. Breathe slowly on each step

5. Stay on the same step until it’s easier

6. Go back if its too hard

7. Its important to take a step often

8. Ask others for support to take steps

9. Notice how far you have come

10. Give yourself a pat on the back

Small steps to going back into a building
1. Go to the building carpark

2. Walk to the entrance door

3. Go into the building entrance

4. Stay on the same level and go further into the building

5. Gradually go to parts of the building you find more challenging

Today was one of those kind of days - Normal Things.
I couldnt concentrate on the inside stuff, it was a day to set myself free into the Garden.
So off I went. My little girl in tow, followed closely by several curious (nosey!) cats...
It was gorgeous. So good to relax and be back... into the Normal Things!
Mr EB has been very generous, I have a new computer... so I havent quite sussed some of the new
whizzy things yet. Im not sure how to get the camera software going, but I have some photos... Garden photos.

I usually find Autumn such a sad time, when you walk under the trees you love and their leaves are falling and dying... the crunch of the beautifully coloured spent leaves as you walk over them, then they clog gutters, rotting and blowing everywhere... Its part of the life cycle, I know.
Ive never been a very good Winter person, but I have seen things through different eyes now that I have my own vege garden. To watch the  plant spew forth its last act of generosity before it dies - it gives of itself in its seeds. I have such gorgeous yellow lettuce flowers. Now who ever heard of a lettuce flower? Not me. Whodve thunk it, a gorgeous full head of lettuce flowers that spurt forth and give their seeds... and so the life cycle continues. Not ending, but giving, so it can continue. I know, emotionally charged, but so wonderful. Life continues through the seeds. Noone should ever tamper with that.
Also, I noticed today that we have on our later plants, some life - the Borlotti beans are gorgeous (similar to Fire Tongues) theyre growing at a faster rate than I ever thought. I didnt know if, when I planted them, we would see beans on them, it was a bit of a lottery. Also, the butternut pumpkin is starting to grow one of itself. A tiny wee shiny green stripey sphere. Glorious! Im crowing about that one :) And I also continue to wander out at night to see if they need covering... Frosts cannot be long away...

So, there we be. Its another Thursday. The seeds are starting to form, and Im collecting, drying, packaging and labelling them as fast as I can. It is neat to be able to see where my garden will be going in the future, how it is taking shape through the seeds Ive collected... Awesome.
I like having things to look forward to... And if I dont give them all away to the neighbours, I may have some good food plants next season... Now to extend the Garden itself ...

Hoping youre all doing fine where you are.
Love and Growth


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