Sunday, March 13, 2011

So, what about Tsunami?... Mini-post

Have been listening to the news, even Campbell live have been talking to Scientists and such about what will happen and when, and what can we predict, what do we need to watch for... Very interesting. Basically, the end story is the same - BE PREPARED.

So... What about Tsunami?
Have a look at this - if youre a Kiwi, this is a start to useful info.

And I find this a good start to Info to File Away -

The three types of Tsunami 
There are three distinct types of tsunami.
The type you encounter depends on the distance you are from the place where it is generated.
Distant tsunami are generated from a long way away, such as from across the Pacific in Chile.
In this case, we will have more than three hours warning time for New Zealand.
Regional tsunami are generated between one and three hours travel time away from their destination.
An eruption from an underwater volcano in the Kermadec Trench to the north of New Zealand, could generate a regional tsunami.
Local tsunami are generated very close to New Zealand.
This type of tsunami is very dangerous because we may only have a few minutes warning.

As you were... Just a Mini-Note tonight.
Hope youre all enjoying the fine Chch weather, and keeping busy.
Some of our children are back at school for an hour tomorrow to pick up their bags and see their classmates.
Not starting in earnest til next week. Its nice to know theyre happy to go back and get into routine again!

Love to You
Information Searcher-Upperer.
 PS Enjoying the stillness - not a lot of shaky shaky today! Dare I say it!?

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