Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prophecies and Every Day Observations...

SO I hear in the pipeline, that Ken Ring *Moon Man* has prophesized another Earthquake around here (NZ) - and a well-known psychic, Deb Webber is joining with him, saying she thought NZ would be split in two (Are we not already as two islands?)
Anyway... Im concerned that people are not listening to their own intuition - their gut - call it what you will.
Dont we notice events, and things, and in hindsight learn from them?
Shouldnt we though?
The night before this last Earthquake, my son and I watched the birds in flocks, flying out to sea. Without a word of hesitation, we watched them go, and chatted about them - wow, theres lots of those birds there... Wonder what theyre doing ... Why did I not put two and two together? I do after all, know its a phenomenom that birds DO go *away* in the event of an oncoming disaster. Did I forget?
Well, I wont make that mistake twice.
Ive been watching the birds like a hawk  this week (sorry about the pun!)

In part, its due to the predictions of another big earthquake.
That doesnt bother me nearly as much as having my son at school during the event itself - he was supposed to go back to school this Wednesday. It takes me about an hour to get him, round trip, if something happens. So Ive been worried.
He told me before I checked today, that he thought it would be another week --- I should have listened.
This kid knows things.
I went online today --- no sewerage yet. Another week. He crowed! He is so glad. And I have to be honest, so am I. That gets me through that next date - 20th March 2011-- then we can see whats what.

So many Earth Events happening, just beginning Im thinking, there may be more -
- Indonesia has a volcano erupting.
- Japan, a huge succession of earthquakes, a tsunami, and now problems with their Nuclear plants. Huge death toll, and of course they must be wondering about disease with 300,000 homeless. That is huge :(
- And of course, the Christchurch earthquake last month.
We are working together towards repairing, healing, recommencing, reopening, reconstructing things. There are plans afoot to (hopefully) make a different Christchurch.

Im making an Earthquake *hide* in our spare room (very small single bedroom)
It consists of some of our food/water.
It has taped windows (in a X) to stop glass falling inside and hurting the occupants.
Two shelves one on each wall West and East.
A table in between, and doors on top of the table to reinforce it... Some other bits of wood required to prop up the table should the house fall on it.
Sleeping bags, water, first aid kit and all the things we need inside, and some outside or in the car, as required.
Cos you know, Im not a prophet...
Im not into Scaremongering.
But I am into being Safe, keeping my family Whole.
So I ll be watching the weather, the sky, reading what I can, talking to others, asking questions where I can, learning, looking and searching... making Every Day Observations... and I will make up my own mind about what I hear, what I learn and see.  
Trusting My Gut.

Love and Light
From my House to Yours

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  1. Be safe EB and listen to your intuition not listen to other peoples egos or fears.