Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things getting back to *normal* - Whats Normal?

Todays post is tongue in cheek. 
Ive done lots of thinking since I built my shelter in our spare room.
Here it is, and thanks to those who I discussed this with - Everyone here is in a similar mind set, we all want to know and experience some Peace of Mind. We think that starts with PREPAREDNESS. No narrow thinking, and some practical adjustments to the way we live our lives given where we find ourselves today. Its a different place to where we were last month...

I read on that they estimate that around 60 000 Christchurch people will have returned to the city this weekend.
Today, a return to businesses because the Red Zone in the CBD was to be opened, a return to school for some, Several schools are doing a double shift beginning at 8am to accomodate students from schools that still need to be fixed,  maybe some returning for work, or whatever - it all means that the citys traffic on post-quake roading is horrendous. I heard the traffic *hum* from my bed this morning - it was a familiar sound this time last month, but since the EQ, the noise was noticeably absent.
Not today though.

It gives me the feeling that maybe Cantabs feel life in Christchurch is restoring to the *normal* of before maybe?
Whats normal though?

How will you go On from Here?
We were chatting earlier, three neighbours, about how things restore, and we get back to our own lives - well, until the next disaster. Since this last one, we have got a lot closer. We actually care about each other, our families, our welfare. We check on one another, and chat over the fence, we give fresh produce or time, and compliments, ask questions, seek help of one another.
Do we want this to stop forthwith because we have power and water again?
Nah. We still share.
I hope this will last for as long as we are neighbours, it reminds me of the words
*Do unto Others, as you would have Others Do unto You...*

And I think we are all  *Starting as we mean to Go On*.

If you can do things to help yourself survive in these recent events, how about passing it along?
Or maybe you can learn something from them...?
Teach someone else about it too. Pass on your knowledge. Doesnt cost you anything except a little time. It may save lives.
Those neighbours you have are valuable - to you, to their families. No man is an Island.
Just because we dont shake so much, doesnt mean we are home free. Look at Japan. Indonesia... What next? How will we feel if this is how life is from now - if natural disasters around us become our *normal*?
(Civil Defence Website says Dont think If, Think When)

It may be that the links you make in normal circumstances with people around you can help you through the natural disasters, the personal situations and more... The web between us grows stronger if we can give and take.
Its not rocket science, its simple, relatively inexpensive if you do it little by little, and its Survival.
And believe me, I have thought lots about this, this week.
Article about Kit Expense Here

What was Important to You Two weeks ago?

Is it still important to you, that to survive the past few weeks, you needed Hand Sanitizer, Toilet Paper, Bleach... Non-perishable goods? That you had to boil water? Pooh in a bucket? Bury it in the Garden? Or sleep when it was dark because you had no power?
Those early nights I remember well! And we slept for 14 hours in amongst dodging the Aftershocks!
But what use was that flat-screen TV that fell off the wall when the shaking started, once you had no power?
Do you have your bbq all clean and ready to go again... just in case?  I do, in fact, Ive even started looking for a camp cooker to go in the back of the car...
Oh. Did I mention Im saving for a 4x4 to get through the liquifaction?
Hows your supply going now that you have power back?
My fridge still looks relatively bare. Ive become the Queen of buying only what we can consume in two days. The rest is tins. Packets. Survival. I tell you, Ive been thinking about this (dangerous territory, me and thinking!)
And I have things I will buy now, to put away *Just In Case*
... Have you restocked your Freezer?  Do you have plans to add to your Kit?
Can you put your hand on some dry goods? A bucket? A water container?...

Please dont forget these things are important, as well as getting back to Normal Living.
Last time, we knew we had help coming - half the city was relatively unaffected - roads were clogged, but we knew we had petrol, gas, supplies, and that the entire country could help.
What if the entire country was affected?
Keep your basics handy.
Your Water Up.
Your Kit Stocked.

 Basics to have in a Kit - Christchurch City Council - Link


* Replace food and water every year. 
Consider stocking a two-week supply for prolonged emergencies.

* Check all batteries every three months. 
Battery-powered lighting is safest and easiest to maintain.

* Don't use candles because they can tip over in earthquake aftershocks or gusts of wind. Don't use kerosene lamps, which need ventilation and are not designed for indoor use. However, have candles in your kit JUST IN CASE you run out of battery power for torches or similar.

*Have a cooker/burner or bbq with gas bottle available - use older pots if possible, have them stored in your shed/garage.

*If in doubt, BOIL Water for 3 Minutes

I guess what Im trying to say is... 
We lived through a Disaster.
Our Second Disaster, we knew help was coming.
We lost people, but we endured, and in our Grief, our Sadness, many will rebuild and stay. Some will go. 

This time we had Aid. Search and Rescue. Police, Army, Members of Parliament, The County Council - all working together. 
From All over the World and All over the Country, they came to help...
There were individuals who gave what they could, did what they could, sent things. 
We had Doctors, Food Banks, Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, Roading Contractors, Architects, EQC People... We had them all here... 
We HAVE Them all here still, and Im so grateful for all the work, all the hours, the time, the efforts, the support and the care we have been given. Im grateful that there are people here that have come, leaving their own homes and families to help others.
But... What if there was none of that?
If they didnt arrive. 
And it was just Me or You.
Then What? 

As always, Love from My Heart to Yours,


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