Tuesday, June 21, 2011

QUICK POST - Turn My Back for a Moment... 5.3 Wake UP!!!!!

Silly me. The one night this week that I contemplate having a shower before bed instead of watching Scrubs or something equally harmless... and WHAM! Mother Nature chucks a spaz to the value of 5.3 - it rolled and rolled, like you'd turn in bed, you know?.
So, dripping, I stood there surfing the shower tray with my hand on the tap thinking... Its going to stop... its GOING to stop... Maybe its not... I better get out. I got out. Then it stopped. I checked the kids, got back in the shower... AND IT DID IT AGAIN!!!! Good Lord!
So, I figure Im going to have a good nights sleep... cos Shes Done It!... Sleeping Again!
Just went outside to check the surrounds. Its so quiet except for the sirens around the city... No cars even, just the odd swish.
Its very foggy or misty out there. Hope that means by tomorrow Mother Nature has rolled over and cuddled in again... sleep Ms Nature, Sleep!!! Tomorrow we might see The Sun!

Ok, Off I go, in search of Sweet Dreams.
And to You too!
Sleep Tight,
Be Safe

Defender of the Rolling Shower Tray!


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