Monday, June 20, 2011

NO Aftershocks since 12pm *plays eerie music*

Well. The Cabin Fever has hit.
The Monday That Was, was very long and rather mundane. Thanks to Rain, more Rain and the Indoor Activities... knitting, doing jigsaws, reading, play with the playdough, more reading, snoozing with the cat, walking in the rain... splashing in puddles... we LOVE puddles!
We have been out and about trying to find somewhere to be, but lots of places are still closed in this part of town. I simply dont have the petrol to go further, so we will wait. The Library and The Warehouse were the main attractions, both have big wide tape over their doors. I hope all is back to normal soon, those poor people who are employed by them who have to pick up and clean up AGAIN. Its got to be very mundane, rather taxing when you just get it done, then bang.. bompf. Gotta do it again. A bit like the householders and the cleaning up of liquefaction... its a constant thing.
Miss B from down the road, has flown the coop. Shes off for a holiday in Europe, lucky lady! I hope she has plenty of time for relaxing, she has family all over and has decided its time to go and visit. Escaping the A/shocks AND the Winter, clever lady!!! We miss her winning smile and her dry wit.

However, Im happy !!! to report, there has been NO Mother Earth Activity since 12pm today. Which is odd, because Id have thought we might have had a bit of a shake, but no... and Im not complaining...
This is good things.

I have plans, and I hear the weather will be better later in the week. Ive found some pea straw, and Im going to get some on Friday. Im looking forward to extending the garden a little, and finding something awesome to start growing in my pots on my windowsill so Arlais and I can watch them grow.
Maybe an Apidistra ... Ok Now Ive got to find the lyrics... Gracie Fields? Yeah I think it mightve been...

Here We Go!!! All together now... The Biggest Aspidistra In the World... Gracie Fields.

For years we had an aspidistra in a flower pot

On the whatnot, near the 'atstand in the 'all

It didn't seem to grow 'til one day our brother Joe

Had a notion that he'd make it strong and tall

So he's crossed it with an acorn from an oak tree

And he's planted it against the garden wall

It shot up like a rocket, 'til it's nearly reached the sky

It's the biggest aspidistra in the world

We couldn't see the top of it, it got so bloomin' high

It's the biggest aspidistra in the world

When father's had a snoot full at his pub, 'The Bunch of Grapes'

He doesn't go all fighting mad and getting into scrapes

No, you'll find him in his bear-skin playing Tarzan of the apes

Off the biggest aspidistra in the world

We have to get it watered by the local fire brigade

So they put the water rates up half a crown

The roots stuff up the drains, grow along the country lanes

And they came up half a mile outside the town

Once we hired an auditorium for a hot house

But a jealous rival went and burnt it down

The tom cats and their sweethearts love to spend their evenings out

Up the biggest aspidistra in the world

They all begin meowing when the buds begin to sprout

From the biggest aspidistra in the world

The dogs all come around for miles, a lovely sight to see

They sniff around for hours and hours and wag their tails with glee

So I've had to put a notice up to say it's not a tree

It's the biggest aspidistra in the world

So there ya go... Something to remember me by ;)
Now Ive got that tune stuck in my head.

Talk to Ya Soon!
Love to all,


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