Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Out and About... Dallington & Avonside

We got out for a walk today. Hip Hooray! Everywhere around our area is busy. Streets full of Road Workers, Plumbers, Drain Layers and other contractors...
It was good to go and have a squizz at some of our favourite haunts. Theyre not ever going to be the same, but I took my camera... The Ducks and Geese are still present, the Swans still there... but our favourite walk is *Munted* - yeah. Technical term... meaning *stuffed* or *irreparably damaged* is probably more correct!

Dallington Bridge - Yes, that crack is HUGE

We always comment on this pole. Its lasted well despite the angle!

A truck full of Liquefaction

The beginning of our Avon Loop Walk, now decimated :(

A Crack or Two!

The walkway alongside the Avon that has just subsided

Sand Bags Dallington Terrace

You can see RIGHT in this crack!
So, a few piccies... and a few more...?
Dance of the Road Cone Revisited

If youve lost a digger or a truck... I know where it might be!

The Road Cones Reunite!

Deep Holes, not just cracks... China, is that You?

Dirty Ole Town.... *sings*

Dog Was Here

My Wee Sand Princess!
 And Thats It for Tonight.
Not a lot of Seismic Activity today again. The Rain has almost stilled, which means tomorrow might be a day in the Garden... Not a lot happening. Anywhere. Stillness seems to be part of Winter around here, and I cant say I enjoy it much...

Love to You All
Stay Safe, Be Warm
Keep Smiling


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