Monday, July 25, 2011

More of The Same - WHITE OUT!

White Trampoline!

My poor Garden :(

The Birds Tree - Pretty White!!

My Favourite Snow Princess!

Making Snow People

Blaise recovering after being pelted with snowballs

Wanting to take some inside...

Gord At Snow

River Side

Have had a lazy day. Inside, in the Warm. Thanks to our new heatpump. It has been a nice time for the kids, we took a walk to the end of the street, but didnt venture further, the snow was up to my calves, so for the little tacker, walking was difficult. She only lost her boot once, but fell down a hole and slipped over several times...
The Boys... Well. Lets just say, I almost had to ban Snowball fights, Oww, that one hurt, He got me in the Eye, I cant breathe cos he hit me... etc... It was too much to think that they would be all sweetness and light, and find their own Snowmen to build. However - They

Fifty Families in CHCH without power tonight. I wish I knew where, I would love to have them here in our house so they dont have to bear with the night to come... Fingers Xed that our power network copes, they seem to think the new lines will do so admirably!

It has been made very clear to me, how dangerous a large black out would be. How would we keep warm, and the current trend is... Rip out the fire places, and place large ELECTRIC heating units in. ... So it is up to the individual to have alternative power sources to keep warm with, in case of power cuts... I endeavour to do so, but have not done so yet, due to cost... An LPG Heater is not a good option, it is dangerous to leave this kind of heating going for any length of time... So Im not sure what I would do, given we no longer have places to make fires. The alternative might be to stand around a fireplace outside???
Lots to think about!

So, after a day of snow, some fun, pussy cats snoozing beside the heater and making *comfort food* (in this house, Porridge with Brown Sugar, and Soup) ... We are doin' fine. I even braved walking to find bread tonight but the BP was out. The guy was most apologetic... So, I got in the car and drove to the Stupidmarket. They were closing... and I was very fortunate to get all the reduced bread as there wasnt a lot of people around... just us silly ones... We couldve survived without bread, but I dont make bread yet. I mean to try, I just havent *note to self... Learn to make your own bread!* Also, get jumper leads. Poor girl next to me, in a car with her girlfriends, couldnt start her car. I couldve helped, if I had of had Jumper Leads... Note, get them. It is nice to be able to help someone else... Ya know, Not ONE of the people there helped. Not one! Im  disgusted by that. Since when do we think its ok to NOT help someone in need, (especially in the snow when its pouring with rain!) then bitch to others about people who do not help us? ... Yes it happens... It should not. grr. Vent over...

So for now, I say, cos this is my soap box...
Long Live The Snowman ...

My thoughts are with the Farmers who have stock to care for.
And the people who have Houses with Holes/Roof issues/Heating issues...

Hope to see the Sun again Soon!

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  1. It is snowing in the Eastern Cape today. Passes closed. And here in South Africa we are not geared to real winter weather.