Sunday, July 24, 2011


I almost expect to see Santa...
Hehehe. You know how it feels when you crunch in hard pressed snow...?
Or walking outside while it snows - yanno, the flakes whizz past you, cover you, make you giggle?
Because it is SPECIAL MAGIC!
SNOW IS MAGIC!!! (only cos it happens so irregularly here in the city!)

So uhh...Hear that inane adult giggle outside?
You might live in our street... cos we LOVE snow... proper white thick, free falling snow!!! And I giggled like an idiot when I saw it... I went out and took photos... and it makes me feel very very childish, that young-at-heart kinda Good-Stuff-feeling.

Oophs Heres the Garden...

The Trees next to my bedroom...

Winter Wonderland...

Our Carebear Car under Snow Blankets!!

Hey Santa, Wheres ya Sack?

Letter Box with White Top!!

Mr almost-15 was on his way to bed when I heard the gasp... Mum, Mum, come and look, ITS REALLY SNOWING... so here are our updates on the previous post.
My poor, poor garden... My furr-babies are in the Garage, tucked up... And our street is quiet. All you can hear is the whizz of the falling snow, and some idiot giggling :-) *rolls eyes* yeah, thats me.

Uhuh, well Im up late, its Sunday, no school tomorrow thank goodness, cos there is NO way these two boys are going to sleep without another look at the Snow. Just in case it is gone by tomorrow (yeah right, like I needed convincing?)
So its off to dig out my winter-woolies, my hat, my boots and my Snow Board (grin) no, not a snow board...
But to be a Kill-Joy, they tell me its due to rain soon...

Magic, Its a Winter-Wonderland of Magic out there...

Skiing By Yours, dont forget to wave!!

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