Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Early Morning Shake Awake!

Time for an Update.
It seems like ages since I sat down to write...
And why not write now --- I cant sleep. I dream of Gardens lately, but this morning my dreams came to a standstill by way of a 4.3 that just seemed to go on for a while, and Im not good at settling again. I tossed and turned, but meh. Im up now. Early Bird, ME!!
Things have gotten quite busy, and we are making good progress with the new garden and other things.
Since the EQC people put us on the *Critical Fix* list, we have had a few visits from people doing things. First it was the Landlord putting in new curtains and filling in holes and gaps... Then the Heat Pump was installed. Ahh, instant heat!
Well, we have since had two or three visits, and we now have no chimneys, just the spaces where they were. Yesterday and today saw our second chimney being taken out, giving us back the corner of a room and soon our second heat pump will be installed. We have a big *gap* where the old fireplace/wetback was, and our room looks so much bigger! Theyve gibbed it all, and are replacing the tiles in the roof and its hard to imagine there was ever a fireplace in the corner at all...
The front room too, is quite appealing now with the extra warmth, the kids love it.
We also have a new instant hot water unit, thats powered by gas! The landlord put it in, and changed the size of the pipes, so we have added pressure in the shower, which is like hot massage needles... Awesome when you get in from the Garden in the evenings!!
So thats inside.
Outside...Another gorgeous block of Winter weather here in Canterbury.
We got through the snow, and came out the other side with gorgeous days full of high blue skies, no cloud, but frrrreeezing cold frost in the mornings.
Almost like Spring in fact! Wheres the rain gone? I dont know, but I hope it catches up soon. We need the cold snap to help kill off the bugs in the soil, so towards the Spring, the plants can grow furiously... In my new Garden!!!!!!

Im going to take photos *of course*, but for now, just imagine bricks. Lots of them. All lined up in rows ... beds of soil... full of Compost, Mulch and other good growing stuff...
Canterbury has a dearth of bricks at present, given all the chimneys that have been removed! We have edged our gardens, and it looks nice... but will look better when things start growing over the edges of the bricks...
Ive started some seeds off. Planning beds of herbs and flowers like Parsley, Marigold, Calendula, Basil and Heirloom Tomatoes... Some wildflower mix in the front garden will add colour to our bland expanse at the front
Amazingly enough, after me thinking it was too early, the seeds I have sown are already poking through the soil mix at four days old! Maybe theyre just really keen to be here, or my luck is changing!

Have had a wonderful week, a bit stiff in the shoulders, have raked, bricked, dug, weeded, planted, sown, sighed, slept, and thunked about Gardening... and really enjoyed it all.
Even the kids got in on the act yesterday, out there with shovels and forks... Giggling and helping.
Nice family unit we have going on there...
I love it. This is definitely where I belong.
What is it they say --- *Bloom Where Youre Planted*
Im glad I was planted here. Im grateful for what I have.
I love them all.
Just been reminded of where I belong.
Firmly planted with my family, which is where my home is.

Keep Safe and Warm
Love til next time,
E Butterfly

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