Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching Up on the Inside...

Ahh well, I guess the rain and cool weather had to catch up on us eventually. And sickness! This week both kids have had sore tummies and all that goes with it. Fingers xed, not me as yet...
So there we are, a week without use of an oven... and no sign of the blimmen electrician, who was due last FRIDAY. Seven days. Hmmpfff. He is *due* today, and is late. Not impressed, of course the landlord is laxadasical too, but as usual, he doesnt have to live with it. End of Rant... What doesnt kill us makes us stronger ;-) We DO have the use of a bbq... its just a bit cold out there for that this week! Im sure the Heat pump has made us lazy!

So! We gathered our seedlings into the warmth of the front room for better growing conditions hopefully. A good decision! We decided to log which seeds came up (or didnt) and I feel very impatient waiting... but I didnt have to wait too long!
Three days after planting, we had two Yellow Cocktail Tomatoes up. Now we have seven, but one looks particularly *munted* Im not sure why.
Yesterday I noticed an Albenga Oxheart seedling just barely poking its head up, today there are three of the much-awaited little fellas... And one of our Meyer Lemon seeds looks like it might be doing something. Growing I hope.
Its funny how basil seeds swell and go blue. I had noticed this last year, and again this year. My first thought was they were moulding! (see, ignorance is bliss!)

Ive just joined a very informative website/forum for Tomato growers. HERE- Tomatoville 
Ive spent the past two days reading the boards and learning a lot about all manner of gardening things...
Because the growing season in the US is at a different stage to us, it gives me impetus to get growing again... Already Ive added CUCUMBER to my list of Things I must Grow!

Weve enjoyed the days out in the Garden, Blaise planted his Nepeta (catmint) plant he bought with his own pocket money... Of course the funniest thing, is watching the cats trying to paw through the sticks we made into a tripod to stop them clawing at the plant. They rub and smooch everywhere.
It doesnt stop the Tribal Cat Wars we are having at the moment. We have two boys and two girls. All are fixed. One of the girls is quite indifferent to the other cats, but her brother, is a black and white Tom who just wants to fight everyone else. It is mayhem, the other cats are just not allowed to go anywhere near him. The neighbours cat has been badly beaten twice, and Ive been told to *do something* - Im not sure how we will resolve this issue... any ideas, Id love to hear please! My father always used to kid our Family Cat that he would go *Under The Grapevine* if he misbehaved. I have a grapevine... and that is where our dearly departed cat went several years ago... sigh.

Back to the Garden...
Weve been making growing boxes out of pallets. It seems the most economical way of getting what we need for what we can afford. The soil weve been using is bolstered with pig pooh, dryed and sieved, and some Supa-Grow. I think that has a bit of everything, and is quite mulched already. And then topped off with some peastraw.  We are getting there slowly...
And then it rains.

But this is good things, and it gives me a bit of time for reading, researching and getting ready.
Everyone seems to be so excited about the Rugby World Cup this year... I couldnt care less, Im excited about seeing what grows in my garden :-)

Hope youre keeping warm, - I hear theyre predicting SNOW again next week!! Hmm, it was fun the first time... not sure Im quite ready to do that again :-)

Love to all
E Butterfly

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