Saturday, August 13, 2011

Winter Again ... Gardening On The Inside

Its freezing cold today. Arlais has just told me the *Scary Sky* means the clouds are chasing one another, and I think, given the wind, she may be right. The grey/black clouds are chasing the big billowy snow clouds away. Its rained, hailed and blown all day.
It hasnt stopped The Process though!
Im having computer issues, and havent got a clue how to fix it, so I ll stick to what I think I know - Im Gardening On The Inside today - the dreaming, scheming, reading and planning... From the warmth of the lounge, with the awesome bank of knowledge I can find in others books, Mr Google and similar...
Real hard work I tell ya!

Ive also been checking the pots... We have some more little shoots rearing their heads... I feel like an expectant parent, but theyre making some good progress...

So Onward We Go - Snow if you will!
It wont stop the Creative Juices flowing.
Our fenugreek seedlings have set their next lot of leaves, the Tomato Gang - Albenga Oxheart, Black Zebra and Yellow Cocktail are going strong. No sign of Russian Red and his mates Bloody Butcher or Chocolate but Ive just noticed a little elecampane stretching up from its soily bed, - whose going to be next I wonder?

So Im going back to the gentle rest of my chair to sit and peruse the pages of someone else's wisdom
I have on my knee The NZ Organic Gardening Handbook by Brenda Little... so away I go.

Rest Easy,
Hope youre safe and warm

Love to All
E Butterfly

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