Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday for Thought...

Another Sunday almost biting the dust. Its been the coldest day weve had for a long time, and we arent happy. The kids are climbing over each other to get out, so out come the hats and jackets, and out they go... Except for the one who has to do homework... Lots of reading, murmurs and plans there...
But Wait Theres More! ...
We had a stellar day yesterday!
Saturday at its very best! Mr EB and Young Sir of 11yrs got down and did some carpentry. Chisel, hammer and nails and some boards, and Voila! If only I had a camera ... Will have to look into it, they have made me the most wonderful gardening boxes!!
Lots of nodding, measuring and the occasional dark cloud, but the results were fantastic! And they have plans to make more...
We bought our first Lemon (Meyer) and put it in a gro-bag so it can be moved, should we move...
Its awesome to have, it has some fruit on it too, which is kinda neat to see when you look out into the garden.

Seeds are IT at the moment - weve started sowing them for our new growing season.
Mostly tomatoes - Black Krim, Yellow Cocktail, Albenga Oxheart, Purple Calabash and Bloody Butcher so far...,


Some Basil - Red Rubin and Genovese, but also some fenugreek. It is growing nicely, so far so good.
Basil Red Rubin

Seven shoots of Rosemary have taken off nicely, theyve just been planted in Supa-grow after spending a few weeks growing roots in a glass of water... one is even flowering, the tiny little blue flowers lead me to think it might be similar to Rosemary *Tuscan Blue*

So thats it for now... Im hoping that for the start of the week, the wind may subside, it is bitterly cold with the wind today and makes working outside really unpleasant.
Or I may just have to make myself a warm hat :-P

Love to all
Keep Warm and Safe!

E Butterfly

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