Monday, August 22, 2011


So the little Miss turns FIVE today.

We had a few little presents, mostly books this morning...oh and some BARBIE MAKEUP which I secretly dislike intently, but then we dont do *big* birthdays, and she just LOVES lipgloss at present...
Some CUT-OUT dressup dollies, which look like fun for Mum and Daughter :-) And some gorgeous books...Animal ones mostly... A beautiful cupcake shaped notebook which Madam has written her *name* inside.
Doctor Seuss Flipcards for Numbers and Letters... which look awesome too, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish... Hop On Pop and all that.... I hope we learn them quickly!

Glorious sun and high blue skies today.
A frosty start, but who cares when the days are slowly getting longer and everything feels lighter because of it! Of course, we have some anniversaries looming - its six months this week since the February earthquake that took so many lives, but it is almost a year since our lives changed because we experienced the September earthquake...
Its not all doom and gloom. There are a multitude of Daffodils and Narcissus poking up their happy little faces from the dirt.
This signifies SPRING!
And of course...
This Friday is Daffodil Day, raising money for Cancer Society of NZ -
My Mother died of Cancer, ironically in September many years ago, and I fully support Daffodil Day in memory of her, because she loved Spring.

Lambs and Daffodils certainly here in NZ, signify Spring!!
Its not always about donating money either, theres also other things you can PURCHASE to help raise money for cancer research and support.
You never know when you may need the Cancer Society, and they are the only charitable foundation I look at to support these days. As they say, Everyone knows SOMEONE who has had their lives changed because of Cancer.

Well, Im off to feed the ducks.
Avonside Drive has changed so much this year, it doesnt feel like it is the majestic Avon river that meanders past many of the broken sites further through the city. I think of it as that dirty brown river that is often swollen and has new stony grey banks now, not the gorgeous grassy banks dotted with bulbs and reeds, and planted with huge willows and oaks and other specimen trees. I miss that grand old Avon river... and our River walk that has slowly slipped, in the past eitht months, back into the river in some parts, or lies broken in others...

Will take the camera.
Bye for now,
Happy Days!


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