Sunday, August 21, 2011

Magnificent Monday and Other Stuff

A Magnificent, Moving Monday... Well, it started out just magnificent, but since I decided the magnificent part, its been a bit shaky too! A 4.3 to help us digest our breakfast with... Shake those cornies down...

So, where have we been lately? ... Not outside so much, a week inside at least because of three days of very heavy snow, though the snow did leave us on good terms with the beautiful weather post-snow.
Gorgeous blue skies, those billowy white clouds and some knock-out days in the garden!
Been cleaning and tidying mostly. Trying to organize the spare room into something other than Survival Central. Of course, now Im reconsidering :-) Maybe the Survival Stuff can go back where it was, and me and The Boarder - well, we can all just huddle in the lounge or curl up on The Sofa together and admire the view.  

Have had the kids down with *suspected measles* - they had some of  the symptoms, and Miss 4.11 came down with a  rash, but nothing seemed to *happen* other than temperature spikes and night and lethargy.
All over now,  ten days and we bounced back again very quickly, pleased to report... My children touch wood, dont tend to get ill apart from the occasional cold. Im very grateful for that I might add!

We have Tomatoes! <--- technically, just the plants... of course... But our seedlings have sown nicely and are cheerfully growing so they can see out the lounge window... Weve been watching them grow morning by morning, and noting who grew first - Tomato Chocolate is the laziest, and our Bloody Butchers seem to be having issues with which way is UP!  The little yellow cherry tomatoes just grew and grew - they took three days to sprout, and they have their first set of *grown up tomato leaves* now.
So most of these varieties we chose are supposedly early, so I hope they remember to Grow Strong.
We have a bbq dinner riding on whose tomatoes fruit first --- we cant have Uncle N winning because he cooks superb bbq!!

All in all, we have some fenugreek seedlings looking fantastic, some awesome Basil Red Rubin - very pretty purply red shoots! and then theres assorted tomatoes... Its going to be fantastic if we can successfully grow them all, Im stocking up on the Tomato recipes in anticipation...
Have some companions going in too, some calendula, some parsley and some marigolds, also looking to snip some cuttings from my lavenders.

The Police are blitzing this part of town lately checking warrants, registrations and licences.
It seems ironic that because of our bottlenecks with traffic works, they use that to their best advantage.
The traffic is so slow at rush hour anyway because of the holes that open up so frequently, or the roadworks that is ongoing, but this morning they had the incoming traffic slowed to a halt almost as they checked the cars...
It isnt a worry for me at the moment, but sometimes it can be a few days in between getting things ship shape, and its a big stress for most people round this part of town.
In My opinion, the cost of living has risen, but wages and benefits do not reflect this rise. I do worry about where it will leave people, as their first and foremost concern is surely family care and comfort - power and food, warm clothing and footwear, over whether vehicles are legal?
Another stressor now of course, is having to have a *second supply* of things, in case of power cut or earthquake. It IS a stressor here.
It doesnt always equate to *bad planning* if you dont have everything you need, it may be that there is just not enough funds to spread between the things you need from day to day, and the things you *may possibly/probably* need in case of emergency.
ARE YOU PREPARED? Do you have things stored for your family?
It is something I am coming up against, but I tick along ok. It is a question that is often asked when you talk to people - Do you have a first aid kit? Do you have stored food or water?
For me - it is a must. Basics. As I said to Mr EB yesterday, God I hope we dont have to survive on my survival kit, as RICE is the main component! Im sure I love rice... sigh.

 Im committed to planting my garden with vegetables and companion plants rather than the usual perhaps showy plants/flowers that I would like...
It is simply, it makes sense.

Well, on that note, I must go and rethink my supply cupboard.
I have masks and gloves, water and matches, lantern and tarpaulins to find homes for.

Healing Thoughts to my friend Spencer,
We love you Spence.

Thinking Of You, and Your Garden
May all Your weeds, be edible :-)


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