Monday, September 3, 2012

A Quick Link... Storing your Maori Potato

Have just had a wee fossick under the soil, to see how my Maori Potato are coming along.
Sure enough, theyre starting to do their thing.
I  cautiously anticipate a good crop, as everything I grew last year went straight back into well dug and composted soil, and have full sun. Just as they like... fingers xed!
Mine are purple - Urenika - very dark and were very yam or kumera like in shape. Im guessing they will be a little larger this year, having had a bit longer to grow... I hope they taste as good as they look, theyre quite pretty!

Was wondering how to store my Maori Potato once theyre out - I will replant some, but it would be nice to have them available if I can store them successfully for some time over the Winter... Im learning NOT to procrastinate and leave these things, so here is a link so we are prepared in advance *grin*


I also found 2 other articles online that I want to bring here together
- A collection of Maori Potato Varieties

An interesting article on Maori Potatoes, How to and Planting by the Moon

So thats it for now... Keep Planting!
Over and Out!

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