Monday, September 3, 2012

Exciting Day... Planning Stages

Today has been inspiring.
Great weather, the wind a little cool, but Ive been out with pen and paper doing some planning... It is looking good!
After meeting with Ann, I have some directives on what is required for the School garden, and we are starting with the children tomorrow to compost and plant. Cauliflower, Lettuce, Onion and Beetroot, Corn and Sunflowers, Cornflowers, French Dwarf beans, and Parisian baby carrots. These will go with what they had last season and some self-sown goodies, also a hearty looking rhubarb plant that could easily feed a class! There are plans for custard and rhubarb which can be cooked in the class kitchen areas - this school has an amazing setup!
My helpers and I will be planting thyme, sage, rosemary, chives, lavender, oh and strawberries, and weeding the class beds next week. We have plans to make pots ourselves, and the children are really keen to have a Sunflower growing competition! Russian Giants love compost, and can grow to 7 foot tall, so this is spurring them on!
Next year, it might be a pumpkin growing competition, that sounds like fun!?

We have one large feijoa tree  at the edge of one of the beds, that needs a really good haircut (prune) and Im picking will not be any good until it has another couple of feijoa trees planted nearby, as it has not had fruit in the time it has been there, and it is a good size. Some of the newer feijoa varieties self pollinate, but I think this one does not.
I have a lone feijoa tree in my garden, so Im going to dig it up and replant it over there so we can produce some fruit if we are lucky!
There are plans to build up the soil and get regular plantings of easy and short-growing produce growing so the children can benefit from their garden.  The second part of the plan includes longer term growing, such as pumpkins and squash, and berries, fruit trees etc. Ann has expressed an interest in having Chickens. It can be done, but not yet. It  is something to work forward to.
The longer term is to have a self-sustaining community garden, but this is months/years away. The plans are underway, and talking to the Principal, they are very proactive.
We are talking about planting a variety of companion plants - herbs and flowers, and introducing permaculture ideas in as we can. A worm farm,  and they have bokashi units and a compost heap already. It is exciting to see the wheels in motion!

Hope to include some photos of the area as it changes, but my camera ran out of battery power just as I took the first photo today. How typical is that?

Back into it,
Reading, Planning... Dreaming :-)

Love to You,

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